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One to One Spanish Courses, Learn Spanish in Malaga

One to One Spanish Courses – Learn Spanish in Malaga

DESCRIPTION One to One Spanish Courses in Spain (Individual learning) are a popular choice for business and professional people whose time is limited and who may have very special requirements. One to One (Private) Spanish Lessons are completely tailor-made Spanish programmes, in which your teacher will work closely with you to identify your needs and objectives. There is also the possibility of organizing other types of private Spanish tuition in many areas including: International Business Spanish Spanish in the Office & Telephone Spanish Spanish for Secretaries Spanish for Lawyers and Legal Personnel Spanish for Travel Agencies and Hotel Staff This…
Business Spanish Course, Intensive Business Spanish Course ,Study Spanish in Málaga,

Spanish Courses for Business in Spain | Edulangues

Description Spanish Courses for Business & Commercial Spanish training Our Business Spanish Courses in Spain will benefit everyone who works in an international environment; it will also assist students in preparing for life in the world of business or for further studies in a business-related course at university or college. Our Spanish Courses for Business have been designed for all students seeking a specialized Spanish education with our professional and experienced teachers Improve your Spanish communication skills and become more confident in international business meetings. Learn how to write professional emails to your boss and colleagues, how to prepare Power Point Presentations in Spanish and techniques for…
Spanish language course with acomodación in shared apartments

Shared Apartment with other students

Description At Alhambra Instituto you have the option of living in a shared furnished apartment, individual or a double room. This gives you the opportunity of living with 4 or more other people from the school. You share a living room with a television, a kitchen to prepare your meals and one or more bathrooms. You will live with people of different nationalities which means you will speak Spanish. The apartments are simple but comfortably furnished and you will find a (clothes) washing machine as well as cooking facilities and equipment. A ‘shared student flat/apartment’ means sharing a self-catering apartment with other…
Intensive Spanish Course combined with private lessons in Spain, Combined Spanish courses in Malaga. Intensive course + private lessons

Intensive COMBI Spanish Course (20+5)

Description The Intensive Spanish Combi 20 + 5 course, it is the best option for people that want to improve their Spanish but also need some special classes with a specific vocabulary or use of the language. You will have 4 hours within a group, where you will practice and improve your general Spanish, and after that you will enjoy a personalised lesson with the specific vocabulary you need for your daily job or for your travels. This course consists of 20 lessons in a group plus 5 Individual (One to One) lessons per week. This Spanish course is ideal…
Intensive Spanish courses 50 plus in Malaga Spain

Super Intensive Spanish Course 30

DESCRIPTION The Super Intensive Spanish Course consists of 30 lessons each week. It is designed for those who want to rapidly improve their Spanish. The level of Spanish spoken in class is adjusted to suit the levels and needs of the students. The Super Intensive Spanish Course has been designed to develop the student´s ability to effectively communicate in Spanish. The Super Intensive Spanish course is designed for people who want to learn or perfect their Spanish language as fast as possible from beginners to advanced level. We combine lessons in the classroom with outside activities in practical situations. E.g.:…
Intensive Spanish Classes 25 lessons/week for adults, Spanish language courses in Malaga

Intensive Spanish Course 25

Intensive Spanish Course 25 lessons per week The Intensive Spanish Course 25 consists of 25 lessons each week of 55 min per lesson. It is designed for those who want to improve their Spanish in a faster way and . Classes are small with 6-10 participants per group. The course duration is 1 to 36 weeks. The level of Spanish spoken in class is adjusted to suit the levels and needs of the students. This Spanish course consists of 5 classes each day, 2 grammar, 2 conversational classes and 1 cultural lesson. The activities and exercises focus on the development…
Intensive Spanish course 20, Immersion Spanish Course 20 for learning Spanish,

Intensive Spanish Course 20 hours of lessons per week

Intensive Spanish course in Malaga, Salamanca and Sevilla, Spain The Intensive Spanish Course consists of 20 lessons each week. It is designed for those who wants to learn Spanish while enjoying a good time. Intensive Spanish courses with personalised attention and innovative teaching and hi-tech facilities at Alhambra Instituto   Classes are small with 6-10 participants per group. The course duration is 1 to 32 weeks. The level of Spanish spoken in class is adjusted to suit the levels and needs of the students. The Intensive Spanish Course has been designed to develop the student´s ability to effectively communicate in Spanish.…
Combined Spanish courses in Malaga. Intensive course + private lessons, Spanish classes combined with private lessons in Malaga

Intensive COMBI Spanish Course (25+5)

Description The Spanish Super Intensive Plus program is an ideal combination of group lessons (5 every day) and individual teaching (1 lesson daily). The individual lessons can be adapted to suit the needs of the student. They can choose what areas they would like to focus on, such as extra conversational practice, specific vocabulary, business studies etc. This course is designed and recommended for people who want to learn as much Spanish as possible in a short period of time. With 6 lessons daily, 5 with a group and 1 individual, this course maximizes the benefits of group work and…
Long term learn Spanish in Malaga - Spanish course long duration in Spain

Long Term Intensive Spanish Courses in Malaga

DESCRIPTION Long term Spanish courses to learn Spanish from 8 weeks to 44 weeks: short term, semester or year long Spanish immersion programme in Spain. Long term Spanish immersion courses and improving your Spanish are the best possible investments for your future success. Our Long Term Spanish Courses in Spain are designed to help you with your future study or career path. Alhambra Instituto offers young adults long term tuition in Spanish Studies to prepare you for your life at an Spanish speaking country, and for your international profession or career in Spanish communication, minimum of 8 weeks and is…
Spanish Courses in Spain for Adults and Young Adults in Malaga, Top 5 Best Spanish Language Schools in Spain

Summer Course and Semi-Intensive Spanish Course

Description Our Summer Spanish Course is a holiday course with a maximum of 10 students per group. We combine classes with a large variety of outdoor activities. Summer Courses at the Alhambra Instituto Internacional are really something special! The Summer Course is available for all levels from total beginners to advanced. With this course you can combine your studies with a holiday. The activity program gives you many opportunities to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and explore Málaga and other cities in Andalusia. In this course you will learn Spanish in a relaxed and friendly environment. You will learn grammar…
Dele Spanish courses in Malaga, best Spanish immersion programs in Spain, Dele preparation Spanish course

DELE Exam Preparation Course – DELE Spanish Courses in Spain

Description Alhambra Instituto offers DELE Exam Preparation Course of 2-4 weeks for all levels (A1- C2). A high percentage of students, who come to our school to prepare it, pass the exam (98%). The Spanish certificates DELE are internationally recognized, and they are highly regarded, not only among public and private institutions and educational authorities, but also in the business world and among chambers of commerce. We offer a complete preparation in terms of quality, our teachers have the title of DELE examiner and know the structure of the test, we have teaching materials developed by our teachers (with the DELE…
Spanish courses for lawyers and solicitors

Spanish Course for Lawyers specially for Law students, legal assistants, and legal professionals

Description The main objective of the Spanish for Lawyers Course is to build participants’ legal vocabulary, classroom discussion skills, and presentation capabilities. Our Spanish for Law course covers many different types of law, for example, commercial law, civil law, patrimonial law… The Spanish Course for Lawyers will give you all the requisites and preparation to work as Lawyer in Spanish territory and express using the actual legal vocabulary. In addition, you will get to know the Spanish Civil and Commercial Law in order to advise your clients about contracts, buying properties or Starting a Business in Spain.  The course consists…