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Spanish courses in Spain

Intensive Spanish Language and Culture in Seville

Description A program of 20 lessons per week with a maximum of 11 students (average seven) per class at 8 different language levels. Students can choose to study anything from 1 to 40 weeks. This program contents two lessons of Grammar and two lessons of Conversation. We have become convinced over time that in order to speak a language, a solid grammatical base is imperative. Every day the classes begin with the presentation of a structural element of Spanish grammar and continue to illustrate its use by applying it to real life situations. After this the focus of the class…
Spanish for young adults students in Seville, Spanish courses in Seville

Intensive Plus Spanish Course in Seville

Description Our Intensive Spanish course is perfect for students looking to make a solid and quick progress in Spanish. You will be able to combine 20 interactive Spanish lessons per week with 5 extra conversation classes. Mingle with locals and join in during their lively conversations in everyday Spanish. You’ll benefit from a personalized and student-centered approach to teaching where professors and students are actively engaged in the learning experience. With he Intensive Plus Courses you will work on every interpretive and expressive skills while increasing cultural knowledge : Listening: Students practice listening techniques and strategies to understand oral messages…
Spanish language intensive

Individual Spanish Language and Culture in Seville

Description Flexibility is the main feature of this program. As the only student in the class you can decide how many hours you would like to study per week, the timetable and content of the course is up to you.The content can include grammar, conversation, traduction, economics, literature or any other subject… it’s up to you! This program is usually recommended to students who only have a short period of time available to study. Additionally this course is useful for students requiring specific knowledge, for example in translation, economics, literature or perhaps conversation. Prices 2017 1 week 40 € 5…
Spanish for Senior (50 plus) Courses Language Holidays, 50 Plus Course - Spanish Courses for Seniors 50 + in Spain

Spanish Courses for Seniors (50 +) in Spain – 50 Plus Spanish Course

Description We offer a wide range of Spanish Courses for Seniors for mature students with a program of cultural & leisure activities and excursions. You will work on your Spanish language skills with other adults, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Spanish Courses Spanish courses for Seniors and mature students aged 50+ with a program of cultural & leisure activities and excursions consist of 20 language lessons every week in the morning. The teaching method is communicative with powerful techniques to using the integrated smartboards, with more emphasis on speaking than writing skills.. The main aim is to enable students…