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Spanish Courses Prices 2017

Study tours and school trips to Malaga and Andalusia Spain
Learn Spanish in Spain with Alhambra Instituto
Learn Spanish in Sevilla center
Learn Spanish in Salamanca, Malaga or Seville center with Edulangues
Study tours and school trips to Malaga and Andalusia Spain
Learn Spanish in Spain with Alhambra Instituto
Learn Spanish in Sevilla center
Learn Spanish in Salamanca, Malaga or Seville center with Edulangues

Testimonials from our school of Malaga

I was so impressed all the class here and specially Fran. He was the best teacher I have met in my life. Hopefully, I want to study one more time if possible. At first, It was so hard to adapt learning spanish.but thanks to Fran,we could manage to study spanish easily. Fran!! Sidney and I will really miss you even in Korea. Thanks for everything you did for us.
Ray Kim
Ray Kim
11:42 09 Feb 18
It was one wonderful spanish experience for 2 weeks!! At the very first I didnt knew single Spanish but in just 2weeks I was able to make a simple conversation with Espanolas! Not only my spanish skills improved but the thing is that I really did enjoyed the time in Malaga with this wonderful Spanish school. My best and true Amigo y professor Fran! He really knows how to teach the Spanish beginner and moreover very funny. Maybe because the class was fun, my spanish skills just enhanced belong. Thank you so much for the splendid experience there in Malaga.Ps. You are the best Fran! Buena Suerte con tu perros y gatos!
Sidney Seo
Sidney Seo
10:51 09 Feb 18
My 2 weeks at Alhambra Instituto were outstanding, due to Fran, a true teacher, Spanish to Spanish method, excellent workbook, magic interactive white-board. Really a computer I could open up on my computer.I’m a Senior, thus slower. But within 15 days, I understood 50 to 80%, reading 50 to 70 %. Speaking was harder. There are Senior Courses too !Soy de Francia y también Estados Unidos. Lynne
Lynne Le Pottier
Lynne Le Pottier
21:02 03 Feb 18
Estuve 2 meses maravillosos en Málaga, que pude disfrutar con la escuela Alhambra al máximo! Los profesores son muy abiertos, muy majos y explican el material bien. Estuve en el nivel más alto de la escuela, en el grupo C1-С2, done aprendimos muchas cosas peculiares de gramática, aumentamos el vocabulario y compartimos muchas experiencias culturales y gastronómicas. Viví la feria con la Alhambra y fue increíble porque estas rodeado de la gente joven, activa e inteligente. Los profesores son encantadores y te acompañan como los guías en las excursiones a otras ciudades. No te lo pierdas! Un abrazote a Lorenzo, Fran, Andrés, Lorena y Jose María!
14:04 09 Oct 17
Excellent teachers and facilities. Course prices are similar to other schools' ones but I don't think they would have treated us as good as here. I definitely recommend it.
rabby mounir
rabby mounir
14:45 27 Aug 17
I attended Alhambra for almost the entire month of June through an intersession abroad program from my university. This school was truly the best school I could have attended. They taught me everything I needed to learn to further my studies in Spanish. They not only personalize the learning so you can be successful at improving the language, but they also have such a positive energy when they teach.I had the pleasure of learning from Pilar, Andrés, Lorenzo and Fran. All of them push you to be a better student and Spanish speaker. They take their time to explain anything you are confused about and make sure you understand the content before moving on. In addition to the amazing teachers, Alhambra has amazing cultural activities and trips you can take part in throughout the week. These activities include visiting historical sites with incredible views, shopping at the local market, and taking a dive into the Mediterranean Sea through a boat ride.Through this school, I not only improved in Spanish, but I also became friends with people from around the world. If I have the opportunity, I will most definitely return to this school. I would highly recommend this school to anybody, no matter the age or the knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.
Mariana Martins
Mariana Martins
19:09 25 Jul 17
Lorenzo, Fran, Lorena, José, Andrés and the rest of the staff are amazing!! They went to great lengths to provide an amazing two weeks in Málaga, both for me and my students. They are very professional and personable. The Spanish lessons were interactive and the afternoon excursions were both educational and fun. We especially loved the paella party at the end of our stay. ¡Muchas gracias!
Sierra Pancoast
Sierra Pancoast
21:52 16 Jul 17
I spent two weeks at Alhambra and only wish I could have spent two months there! The school is great. Andrés, Elisa, Fran, Lorena, Lorenzo and Rocio we're all wonderful teachers; well prepared, experienced, enthusiastic and effective. I learned a lot and really enjoyed myself. The location in Pedregalejo is very nice, close to the beach and only a quick and easy bus ride to the city center of Malaga. The prices of their courses are very reasonable and I would highly recommend the school to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in the sunny south of Spain. Thank you Alhambra!!
Sean Boudreau
Sean Boudreau
13:43 30 Jun 17
Having studied at the Alhambra Institute last year I returned in April 2017 for another two weeks at the school. It was again an excellent experience. The teaching is professional, interactive and engaging. At times the classes are challenging but the teachers ensure that at the end the students understand the objectives of the class and are able to move forward. The teachers ensure that each student is involved in the class. I enjoy the changes of teacher during the week, as this enables the students to experience different teaching styles and accents. The extra curricular activities are also excellent, extremely enjoyable and well guided and informative. I highly recommend the school to anyone wishing to learn this delightful language. Málaga is a great town, safe, cultured, fun, with great food, bars and museums. Friendly people, good transport and sun.
Margaret Morlan
Margaret Morlan
09:23 02 May 17
I have been following my internship at Alhambra Instituto for 5 months and it was truly an incredible experience. The school is great and the teachers and the people at the school are really kind. I felt part of the team immediately, could follow some Spanish courses in order to improve my Spanish and they taught me more about the Spanish culture. I had a great time, met great people and learnt a lot. I recommend this language school to everybody who wishes to learn to Spanish language and be immersed in the Spanish culture. Thank you for the great time Alhambra Instituto!! :)
Celine Merkx
Celine Merkx
11:16 27 Jun 16
Highly recommended. I have just returned from taking a two-week course at the Alhambra Instituto and can thoroughly recommend it. The teachers are excellent, patient and encouraging, and they cover a lot of ground in the time available. It’s hard work but fun. Lessons are often light-hearted, which makes learning enjoyable. There is a friendly atmosphere at the school with a mixture of younger and older people. The school recognises that the over-fifties often like to have classes with others of their own age, and the Instituto specifically caters for this, although everyone mixes well and chats to each other during break times. I’m now hoping to move forward from beginners Spanish to learn more in the future.
Jan Cutler
Jan Cutler
15:58 19 Feb 15

Spanish Courses Prices 2017

Prices Spanish Courses in Spain, Cheapest Spanish Language Schools in SpainPrices Spanish Courses 2017: at Alhambra Instituto (Malaga, Spain), we keep our costs as reasonable as possible while still providing you with top-class facilities, qualified teachers, all classrooms exterior with the latest in learning technology (interactive smart boards, multimedia).

All our prices include the organization of accommodation and the activities, but exclude enrollment fees.

One class/lesson in all our Spanish courses takes 55 minutes.

Discounted prices are available for our Intensive Spanish Courses, when booked for a minimum period of 5 weeks, all these prices can be found on our “Prices Brochure

Intensive Spanish Courses Prices

WeeksIntensive Course 20Intensive Course 25Super-Intensive Course 30
1155 €185 € 215 €
2280 € 350 € 400 €
3420 € 525 € 600 €
4560 € 700 € 800 €
5650 € 850 € 950 €
6780 € 1020 € 1140 €
7910 € 1190 € 1330 €
8999 € 1280 € 1440 €


Long-Term Spanish Courses (Intensive 20) Prices

UnitLevelsPriceExtra week
8 weeksA1, A2, B1999 €-
12 weeksA1, A2, B11440 €+ 110 €
24 weeksA1, A22880 €+ 100 €
36 weeksA13990 €+ 100


One to One Spanish Courses Prices

One to One General Courses PricesIntensity/per week1 student2 students3 students
Individual 55 individual lessons145 €105 € / student75 € / student
Individual 1010 individual lessons275 €190 € / student135 € / student
Individual 2020 individual lessons540 €340 € / student250 € / student
Individual 3030 individual lessons750 €450 € / student350 € / student
1 extra lesson29 €21 € / student15 € / student

Semi-Intensive Spanish Courses Prices

Semi-Intensive Courses PricesLessons per weekUnitPrice
Semi-Intensive Course 1515 group lessonsTwo weeks (minim.)240 €
Summer Course15 group lessonsTwo weeks230 €
Spanish for Seniors Course20 group lessons and cultural program with transfer includedTwo weeks495 €


 Special Spanish Courses Price List

Special CoursesLessons per weekUnitPrice
Intensive COMBI Course (20+5)20 group lessons and 5 individualOne week285 €
Super Intensive COMBI Course (25+5)25 group lessons and 5 individualOne week305 €
Spanish for Business20 group lessons and 10 private business lessonsOne week430 €
Spanish for Lawyers20 group lessons and 5 private legal lessonsOne week385 €
Spanish and Tourism20 group lessons and 5 one to oneOne week285 €
Spanish and Cooking20 group lessons and 6 cooking classesOne week315 €
Spanish for Air Cabin Crew25 group lessons and 5 private aviation lessonsOne week320 €
Spanish for ELE Teachers25 lessonsOne week370 €
Spanish and Flamenco (private)20 group lessons and 5 private flamenco classesOne week330 €
Medical COMBI Course 2520 group lessons and 5 medical lessonsOne week315 €
Medical COMBI Course 3020 group lessons and 10 medical lessonsOne week490 €
DELE Preparation COMBI Course20 group lessons and 5 individual DELE lessonsTwo weeks (minimum)570 €


Gap Year in Malaga-Spain: Price list

UnitLevelsPriceExtra week
12 weeksA1, A2, B11440 €110 €
12 weeks + 12 weeks internshipA1, A2, B11990 €-
24 weeksA1, A22880 €100 €
36 weeksA13990 €100 €

Optional Services

Transfer one way one people€40
Transfer one way two people€70
Transfer both ways one people€60
Transfer both ways two people€80

NOTE: The transfer service will have a 50% surcharge from 0:00 to 7:00. In case of both ways service, the surcharge will be applied proportionally.

General Terms

Enrollment fee€40
Course materials€25

Over the years Alhambra Instituto has been providing Quality Spanish Language Courses for students at extremely good rates.
But as low as our prices are, it does not affect the quality of teaching you will receive when you come to study with us in Malaga-Spain.

You see, we believe, that everyone should be able to study Spanish.